• Aluminum Alloy Casting OEM factory

    Application:Flanges/Enclosures Manufacturing for HV Cable Accessories Terminations/HV Transformers/HV BUSHINGS/HV lightning Arresters

    Processing technical:Aluminum Low Pressure Die-Casting、Aluminum alloy Gravity Casting、Aluminum Forging.

    Products Weight:2~50kg.

    Material:G-ALSi7Mg, G-ALSi8Cu3

    Finished Aluminum Parts Surface treatment:Anodizing、paint coating

    Machining Equipments: Automatic welding machine,Lathe machine ,drilling machine,boring machine,milling machine,three coordinate measuring machine,X-ray detection machine,SF6 pressure testing equipment etc.
    All of our Aluminum enclosures and Flanges will be 100% checked and tested before shipment such as X-ray flaw detections,Hydraulic pressure test and SF6 gas pressure test etc.

  • Aluminum Casting Components Factory

    Precision High|Low pressure Die casting Aluminum alloy parts、mounting flanges、 ground sleeve、Casting enclosures、Housing Cylinder Parts manufacturer,Anodizing/ nonmagnetic, corrosion-resistant, high strength service, Application in Transmission Line / HV Bushings, Surge Arresters, Hollow Insulators, Outdoor Terminations、AIS/GIS transformers...

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