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  • What Can we do for you?

    FDA, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, ISO22716, ISO 45001, ISO50001, GMPC, BSCI, FSC, CE certified.

    40 non-woven production line, good quality with competitive price !
    and own all kind of certification of your market need.

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    100,000 grade purification GMP certified workshop

    ARTISAN Medical Care Factory focus at hygiene and medical Products market with nonwoven fabrics like spunlace,spunbond,themalbond and hot air through fabric,wet and dry wipes,and diapers. company covers an 100,000 grade purification GMP certified workshop,30 nonwoven machines producing about 10,000 tons nonwoven fabrics per month,with 35 wet and dry wipes machines and 15 diaper machines.

    Material: 30-80 gsm Spunlaced Non Woven Fabric

    Sheet Size: 16*16cm, 15*20cm, 14*19cm, 18*20cm,20*30cm,etc. Customized

    Package: 8pcs/bag,40pcs/bag,80pcs/bag,120pcs/bag,150pcs/bag,Customized, in PET+PE, OPP+PET+PE, PET+CPP,OPP+PE bag

    MOQ: 10000-100000 bags

    Lead Time: Stock quick order

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    Pure Water System and Testing Center

    company with ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO13485,GMPC,CE certified,FDA,

    factory provide OEM and ODM service with qualified and price-competitive products

    wet wipes, hygiene wipes, disinfecting wipes manufacturer FDA, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, ISO22716, ISO 45001, ISO50001, GMPC, BSCI, FSC, CE certified

    specialized in researching, developing, producing wet wipes, hygiene wipes, disinfecting wipes...


    The staff strictly to execute the lS09001, lS013485 and 5S site management system,GMP production management standards, forming a complete set of scientific production quality control system, production process in a safe and clean GMP condition, All of products adopt full auto assembly line, production of health products, and medical equipment series products passed SGS certification, CE certification, the United States FDA recognition,etc.

  • Qualification & Certification

    FDA, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, ISO22716, ISO 45001, ISO50001, GMPC, BSCI, FSC, CE certified.

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    FDA certified Wipes Disinfecting manufacturer, Disinfectant Wipes Alcohol Wipes Medical Surface Disinfecting Towelettes


  • FAQ

  • Factory certified with GMPC, ISO9001, ISO13485, and FDA.


    Products passed the REACH test,the PH Value test, Microbial testing USP61 & 62,Skin Irritant test and the 99.999% antibacteria test.

    Factory has a wealth of experience in export, we can provide youwith export documents .

    such as free sales certification,MSDS,COA,PDS,FORM E....etc

  • Products Description

    passed the REACH test,the PH Value test, Microbial testing USP61 & 62, Skin Irritant test and the 99.999% antibacteria test

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