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1: Winding Angle, 45° ~ 65° (the winding Angle can be adjusted according to different requirements to achieve better mechanical properties);

2: Fiber content (weight ratio), 70% ~ 75%;

3: Density 2.00g/cm;

4: Water absorption rate, less than 0.03%;

5: Axial thermal expansion coefficient, 1.8E-05 1/K;

6: Glass conversion temperature, 110 ~ 120℃;

7: Chemical resistance mineral oil: excellent;

8: Solvent and dilute acid: excellent;

9. Tensile elastic modulus, axial 14000 MPa;

10. Tensile strength: axial 280 MPa;Circumferential 600 MPa;

11. Shear strength: 150mpa;

12. Bending strength: axial direction 350 MPa;

13. Compressive strength: axial 240mpa;

14: Relative dielectric constant 2-3.2;

15: Dielectric loss factor of 0.003-0.015;

16: Local discharge ≤5;

17: Insulation strength: axial direction 3 ~ 6kV /mm;Radial 10 ~ 12kV /mm;

18: Lightning impact: 110KV;

19: Power frequency impact: 50KV;

20: Heat resisting grade: B, F, H;

21: internal diameter > 5mm;Outer diameter < 300mm;Length < 2000mm.

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The specifications of 5G NR massive mimo antenna radome and materials used by manufacturers of antenna radome are also mentioned.What is 5G Antenna Radome ?

The protective enclosure around the antenna used to protect itself from harsh environments is known as radome. It attenuates EM signals during transmission and reception minimally.

The radome used to protect 5G massive mimo antenna array is known as 5G antenna radome. 5G NR supports different frequency bands sub-6 GHz and above 6 GHz in mmwave region.

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The figure depicts cross section of radome around antenna panel housing antenna array along with other layers such as FEM (Front End Modules), RFICs and so on. Radome material should be anti-temperature, water proof, anti-aging and weather resistant.Antenna Radome Material

Following materials are considered for antenna radome as per specifications. • PVC, FRP and ASA are used for sub-6 GHz radome materials. These meaterials offer good mechanical, thermal and dielectric properties below 6 GHz. For these materials, dielectric losses increase significantly for mmwave frequencies and hence thickness of material is appropriately choosen to compensate for these losses. • The other alternatives to radome materials include syntactic foams, prepregs or other composite constructions which perform better at high frequencies. • Following table mentions selection of materials used for antenna radome.MaterialBrandDielectric constantLoss TangentEpoxy/FiberglassG10, FR44.90.0190AcetalDelrin, Celon3.70.0050ABSLustran, Cycolac3.230.0200Nylon 6/6Zytel3.20.0210PolyetherimideUltem3.150.0013PolystyreneStyron2.750.0005PolycarbonateLexan2.350.0100UHMWPEDyneema2.20.0004

Permittivity, loss tangent and radome material thickness must be selected carefully in conjunction with distance to antenna elements in order to enable optimal performance.

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