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    ABB GIS aluminum accessories supplier


    hubbell composite insulators OEM manufacturer
    Siemens lighting surge arresters corona rings plant
    pfisterer lapp porcelain rubber long rods insulators ball socket fittings supplier
    China XD group supplier
    preformed armour rods manufacturing,plp preformed line products supplier
    TEPCO Fuel  Power HV bushings lightning Arresters Corona rings supplier
    TRIDELTA MEIDENSHA HV surge Arresters
    TRIDELTA MEIDENSHA HV surge Arresters
    Sieyuan electric supplier
  • Products Application 

    Transmission line/Distribution cable conductor tower accessories,Aluminum parts factory

    Transmission/Distribution Line

    substation transformer GIS SF6 GAS INSULATED SWITCHGEAR arcing ring,shielding corona ring supplier

    Transformer Substations

    Wind Power Generation aluminum steel accessories supplier

    Wind Power Generation

    Electrification Railway Overhead Contact System composite insulators supplier

    Electrification Railway Overhead Contact System

    7075 Auto forged Aluminum components supplier China

    Auto forged Aluminum components


    MOTORCYCLE ALUMINUM FORGINGs manufacturer,everlast forged aluminum factory

    Motorcycle Aluminum Forgings

    fire-fighting equipment metal components manufacturer,fire protection equipments aluminum forgings supplier

    Fire protection Equipments

    high quality ALUMINIUM FORGING PRODUCTS suppliers,  aluminium forging components factory

    Flight vehicle Metal parts​

  • Aluminum gravity Casting parts manufacturer,low pressure die casting Flanges supplier

    Aluminum Alloy Casting Parts manufacturing

    Aluminum alloy High Pressure/Low Pressure Die-Casting/Gravity casting processing Technic,Products Applicated in HV Bushings、HV Surge Arresters、Hollow Insulators、Outdoor Terminations.....

    304/304L(A2 stainless),316/316L/SS316(A4 stainless), Inox 2205 Duplex stainless steel foundry China enterprise

    Stainless Steel Parts manufacturer

    Stainless Steel Casting /Stamping /Stretching /CNC machining/Surface Treatment

    Stainless Steel Precision Castings/CNC Machining Accessories; Stainless Steel Fasteners

    Material including:Austenite stainless steel 304/304L(A2 stainless),316/316L/SS316(A4 stainless), Inox 2205 Duplex stainless, PH17-4 precipitation-hardening martensitic stainless steel

    corona rings for Tridelta Meidensha 800KV HV Metal silicone Oxide Surge Arresters

    Aluminum Alloy Corona Rings

    Die casting Ring and Aluminum tube rings,Also Names "Grading Rings","Corona Shields",Applicated in Transmission Line Insulators、HV Surge Arresters、Outdoor Terminations、HV Transformer、Electric Testing Equipment......

    tower bolts nuts supplier,electric metal fasteners manufacturer,12.9 grade galvanized bolts

    Fasteners (Carbon Steel /Stainless Bolts/Nuts) Manufacturing

    ASTM C45 Forged Steel/304ss 316ss Stainless,Forging processing,Hot Dip Galvanized,Applicated in Overhead Tower Transmission Line /Distribution Line......

    tower metal parts,cable accessories,transmission power steel fittings,electricity conductor fittings

    Electric Power Fittings

    Applicated in Overhead Transmission Line/ Distribution Line

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    Preformed Line Products Supplier

    Helical Line Fittings/Deadends Producing for Transmission Line and Distribution Line,Aluminum ARMOR RODS/Helical Fittings are designed to protect cable against bending, compression, abrasion, and flash-over. They are also used to repair damaged aluminum-based conductors and restore the conductors' mechanical strength and conductivity.


    Because Here Meet all your Wants

     surface treatment of aluminum alloy, deep processing of aluminum products, aluminum copper alloy red punch forging

    Sources Manufacturer

    Competitive Price

    Focusing on aluminum alloy material properties, Forging mold design, parts process design, and key technologies for aluminum alloy heat treatment, providing a full range of services, from concept to product design, engineering, manufacturing, testing, and verification.

    hardware pressing parts precision CNC turning milling machining,  forging die molding punching mold processing

    Research / Design Service

    Easy Working

    One-Stop Production Line Operation,Hot、Cold Forging, CNC Machining,Heat treatment,surface treatment

    UG、PRE、CAD、CAXA design

    Be your powerful technical assistants,Just tell us your technical specification, leave the rest to us.

    aluminum alloy heat treatment T6T5T AC-ALSi7Mg0.3 ST6,aluminum alloy Shotblast sandblasting polishing

    Strong Production Capacity

    Timely Delivery

    Aluminum (aluminum alloy forging) auto parts, fire parts, machine tools, flanges, aluminum swing arm, wheel hub, refueling gun; Power products, such as forging tension and forging suspension; Railway aluminum products, such as train hub, control arm

    aluminum alloy die forging/stamping parts/precision processing, aluminum alloy T2T4T5T6 heat treatment and material processing

    Powerful Quality Control

    100% GO or NO GO

    aluminum alloy T2 T4 T5 T6 heat treatment,surface treatment: shot blasting, sandblasting, grinding, polishing, anode, aluminum zinc alloy precision die casting processing

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