1. Transmission line Insulators Corona Rings/Grading rings/Guard rings Protection
    2. HV Surge Arresters(lightning Arresters)Aluminum Tube rings
    3. High Voltage Capacitor Banks Corona Shields/Grading rings
    4. GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear) Corona Rings/Grading rings
    5. Power transformer/High Voltage current transformers Corona shields
    6. GIS (gas insulated switchgear) Aluminum Conductors

    Corona rings are used primarily as a control, or grading component, in the electrical utility industry for high voltage applications such as switches, substation bus hardware, and dead end assemblies on transmission lines.
    Such ring devices of various sizes and configurations act to reduce radio and television inteference which is a direct result of corona, a phenomenon created when the potential of a conductor in the air is raised to such a value that the dielectric strength of the surrounding air is exceeded.


    Material:Aluminun(3.3206 ALMg Si 0,5 DIN 9107(EN AW-6060) F22,aluminum 6063)& Stainless Steel & Copper

    Tolerances: ISO 2768-mk and ISO 13920-BF Finish Surface: Ra 3,2

    Technological Process:Aluminum Die-casting/Aluminum Tube Bending

    Surface treatment:Polishing

    Application:Transmission Line insulators/HV Lightning Arresters,Surge Arresters/HV Transformers/GIS/HV Testing equipment......

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