• Preformed Armor rods Automatic Stranding Machines,Preformed Armor rods Sand Spreading Machines,Preformed Armor rods Automatic Molding Production Line,stockbridge Vibration dampers Manufacturing-Steel strand Fully Automaic Cutting Production Line

    Armor rods Production Line Manufacturer

    Artisan industry trading (Nantong) CO.,LTD. is one of very few professional Company that engaged in Preformed Armor rods/Helical Fittings Manufacturing Production Line/Preformed tension clamp/armor rods Machines/Preformed ADSS & OPGW Cable Accessories manufacturing equipments supplier.
    Customers purchase our machines to produce Preformed Products for Transmission & Distribution and Electrified Railway Fittings.
    High efficiency machines and Production lines help our customers win more and more tenders in their country electric power industry,Strong productivity ensures the quality and delivery time of their products.
    Main customers worldwide:AFL、PLP、SICAME. your can find our production lines in their manufacturing workshop.

    Transmission line distribution line armor rods supplier,armor rods raw materials are aluminum wire, galvanized steel wire, and aluminum clad steel wire.

    Helical Line Fittings/Deadends Producing for Transmission Line and Distribution Line

    Aluminum ARMOR RODS/Helical Fittings are designed to protect cable against bending, compression, abrasion, and flash-over. They are also used to repair damaged aluminum-based conductors and restore the conductors' mechanical strength and conductivity.

    Stockbridge Vibration damper/Spiral vibration dampers Preformed Armor Rods manufacturing

    Stockbridge Vibration damper Preformed Line Products manufacturing

    Spiral Vibration Dampers for ADSS/Opgw with Preformed Armor Rods, when cable suffers form aeolian vibration, the hammerhead of the vibration damper hanging on the cable may vibrate freely along with the movement of cable to make the steel stranded wires on anti- vibration damper rub each other,convert the vibration energy passed on to the anti- vibration damper to friction heat among steel standed wires and consume such heat energy,thereby effectively supperessing the aeolian vibration of cable and prolongthe life of cable.

  • Transmission Line Preformed Armour Rods/ Helical Fittings

    Set up production Line to produce pa rod/Distribution Ties/ Guy Grip/Dead-end Clamps.
    OPGW / ADSS Preformed Fittings OEM Service
  • Preformed Line Products Supplier

    preformed guy grip

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