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    Customized oem aluminium casting factory, forging oem aluminium die casting parts 304 stainless steel casting parts

    Part 1.

    Aluminum Forging parts OEM factory

    Artisan Industry,

    a professional aluminum forging/casting manufacturer located in Jiangsu Province, produce high-quality aluminium forging/casting components applicated in Auto、Motorbike、bicycle、 Refueling gun、Electric transmission line(suspension clamp)、high speed train、fire equipments、aircraft、military products and so on.


    Factory own 160 employees and ISO TS 16949 have extensive aluminum forging expertise, design, engineering expertise, and manufacturing capabilities, which makes us one of Taiwan's leading aluminum forging companies.

    We have more than 15 years of experiences in manufacturing a wide range of high performance, critical and safety forging components, focusing on aluminum alloy material properties, mold design, process design, and key technologies for aluminum alloy heat treatment, providing a full range of services, from concept to product design, engineering, manufacturing, testing, and verification.



    aluminum alloy die casting low pressure casting flanges  supplier

    Part 2.

    Aluminum Alloy Casting OEM factory

    Application:Flanges/Enclosures Manufacturing for HV Cable Accessories Terminations/HV Transformers/HV BUSHINGS/HV lightning Arresters

    Processing technical:Aluminum Low Pressure Die-Casting、Aluminum alloy Gravity Casting、Aluminum Forging.

    Products Weight:2~50kg.

    Material:G-ALSi7Mg, G-ALSi8Cu3

    Finished Aluminum Parts Surface treatment:Anodizing、paint coating

    Machining Equipments: Automatic welding machine,Lathe machine ,drilling machine,boring machine,milling machine,three coordinate measuring machine,X-ray detection machine,SF6 pressure testing equipment etc.
    All of our Aluminum enclosures and Flanges will be 100% checked and tested before shipment such as X-ray flaw detections,Hydraulic pressure test and SF6 gas pressure test etc.

    suspension insulators line post polymer insulators corona grading rings 500KV transmission line D200mm 300mm 400mm

    Part 3.


    1. Transmission line Insulators Corona Rings/Grading rings/Guard rings Protection
    2. HV Surge Arresters(lightning Arresters)Aluminum Tube rings
    3. High Voltage Capacitor Banks Corona Shields/Grading rings
    4. GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear) Corona Rings/Grading rings
    5. Power transformer/High Voltage current transformers Corona shields
    6. GIS (gas insulated switchgear) Aluminum Conductors

    Corona rings are used primarily as a control, or grading component, in the electrical utility industry for high voltage applications such as switches, substation bus hardware, and dead end assemblies on transmission lines.
    Such ring devices of various sizes and configurations act to reduce radio and television inteference which is a direct result of corona, a phenomenon created when the potential of a conductor in the air is raised to such a value that the dielectric strength of the surrounding air is exceeded.


    Material:Aluminun(3.3206 ALMg Si 0,5 DIN 9107(EN AW-6060) F22,aluminum 6063)& Stainless Steel & Copper

    Tolerances: ISO 2768-mk and ISO 13920-BF Finish Surface: Ra 3,2

    Technological Process:Aluminum Die-casting/Aluminum Tube Bending

    Surface treatment:Polishing

    Application:Transmission Line insulators/HV Lightning Arresters,Surge Arresters/HV Transformers/GIS/HV Testing equipment......


    electric tower construction bolts fasteners supplier,ISO DIN standard galvanized hexagon bolts and nut M20 for power transmission line

    Part 4.

    Galvanized/Stainless Hexagon Bolts&Nuts&Washers 

    Manufacturing for Power Line


    Tower Hex Head bolts/Flange bolts/Square neck bolts/T-slot bolts(GB/DIN/ANSI)






    Outer hexagon/inner hexagon/Square neck/carriage


    : Q195/Q235-A/15#/08/20#/C1022/10B21 35#/45Cr


    Yellow zinc plated/Zinc/Black zinc/Copper/Nickel/Ruspert/Dacroment











    Bulk/Plain Box/Color box/Poly bag/Blister/PP box









    epoxy glass fiber winding composite tubes suppliers,epoxy glass fiber (cloth) composite tubes for outdoor high-pressure drop-type fuses.

    Part 5.

    Advanced Composite material Manufacturing

    1. epoxy glass fiber winding composite tubes/epoxy glass fiber (cloth) composite tubes for outdoor high-pressure drop-type fuses.

    2. epoxy glass fiber winding composite tubes/epoxy glass fiber (cloth) composite tubes for High voltage current limiting fuse (oil-immersed)/high voltage lightning arrester;

    3. Epoxy fiberglass wound insulation bushing for transformer (high temperature resistant);

    4. Arc quenching steel paper tube;

    5. FRP brake rod;