AISI304/SUS316L stainless precision metal stampings parts

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AISI304/SUS316L stainless precision metal stampings parts

Precision metal stamping allows highly precise parts to be produced quickly and cost-effectively. Lyons excels at medical stampings, where quality is critical, but we are fully equipped to produce metal stampings for the needs of any industry.

manufacturer accounting for even the smallest features and tightest tolerances, and build stamping dies on-site. Flat sheet metal is fed into these dies, where it is cut into your metal stampings. Depending on the design, the final shape may be achieved through a single process or through a series of operations.

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Blanking: A “blank” is punched out of a metal sheet during the blanking process, often the first step of the metal stamping process. The removed blank is the workpiece and will undergo further cutting, pressing, or forming.
Coining: Extreme pressure is applied to a part to shape it, reduce its thickness, and/or strengthen it. This process is used to produce precision parts with fine features and detailed imprints.
Drawing: The metal stock is pulled, stretched, and compressed into a die’s cavity to form the desired shape and thickness, producing a 3-dimensional part.
Forming: This term encompasses all processes that form a flat sheet of metal into a 3-dimensional part. Forming operations include beading, bending, coining, embossing, ironing, piercing, and rolling.
Notching: A blank or part is punched to remove an edge or corner; the removed notch may be of any shape. Notching may be used at the end of a metal tube to provide a closer fit when it is joined to another.
Piercing: The metal stock or formed part is punched to create slots, holes, or other openings. This process is similar to blanking, except in piercing the removed part is scrap.
Progressive Die Metal Stamping: Typically used for high-volume runs, this process incorporates multiple stations at a single die. Each station performs an operation (e.g., bending, cutting, drawing, piercing, punching, etc.); together, they result in a completed part.

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