aluminum casting Electric Parts silvering/silver plating conductors(GIS) Transmission

Aluminum casting Electrical parts manufacture in China, Gas Insulated metal-enclosed Switchgear
Electrical system components supplier.Our products are widely used in Gas Insulated metal-enclosed Switchgear .the products include the shell 、 the cover board and conductor and so on. Also we have completely production equipment and testing equipment including X-Ray testing and Gas-tight testing and Pressure testing equipment. we also have welding products which also used in GIS.

Gas insulated metal closed switchgear is directly connected by circuit breakers, grounding switches 、generation line and other components. They are all enclosed in a metal shell which is filled with SF6 as the arc-extinguishing medium.

Gas insulated metal-enclosed switchgear must finish the pressure test when it is stalled .the test can verify whether it is damaged during transportation.Also we can check assembly for correctness and rigor.

factory specialized in Aluminum casting parts manufacturing,components mainly use for high voltage power equipments(Gas insulted metal-enclosed Switchgear、HV Surge Arresters、outdoor Terminations...), factory integrated high pressure die casting、low pressure casting、gravity casting research, development, production.

factory have aluminum casting workshop and black metal workshop and aluminum welding workshop,and electroplating workshop. The production include GIS, open high voltage electrical components for key casting aluminum parts,ferrous metal precision machining parts and silver plating parts. we can provide security and stable and efficient products. we have the whole technology r&d Department,production department,inspection department and testing department.we have passed the ISO 9000.
2.stable: we have X-Ray testing and Art-tight testing and CMM equipment. also we have the laboratory which can do the aluminum composition test ,type tests and conductivity tests.
3.efficient: we are next to ShangHai of China.we can responds your order quickly.

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Aluminum casting components for High voltage substation parts in GAS CIRCUIT BREAKER

GIS housing/GIS cover CNC Machining factory,
Manufacturing Process:
After casting, the processes of milling, drillng and grinding,Material heat treatment, surface sand blasting are usually involed and we can get the GIS housing with required dimensions.

GIS housing/GIS cover CNC Machining factory, laser cutting Customized factory

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