Aluminum Corona rings for Coupling Capacitor (MCC)

Corona Shields for Coupling capacitors/PD measurements or HV dividers,
AL alloy potential rings for Standard capacitors/C tandelta measurements,
Aluminum Grading rings for LC filters filtering PD-noise of transformers,
Corona Shields For Electrodes HV capacitors test systems

Artisan Corona Rings applicated in power transformers, high voltage insulator, power Capacitor, high voltage bushing, HV lightning Arrestors, reactors, HV DC system, high voltage test lab... The corona ring surface are smooth, with excellent performance on controlling the HV corona.

grading rings for coupling capacitors,Aluminium Circuit Breaker Corona rings manufacturer China
Aluminum corona shields for ABB transformer and HV Coupling Capacitor CCB

5-300kv High Voltage Coupling Capacitor is utilized for detecting the discharge signal of voltage test. It has a high precision of processing to render a double integral sampling technique. This capacitor allows amazing shielding technology and anti-interreference performance. It has sleek and small structure tor educe the low capacity. 5-300kv High Voltage Coupling Capacitor can be easily assembled and dissembled for better productivity. It is vibration and noise free. It contains less content of partial discharge.