Bay-o-net fuse holder manufacturing, High-voltage Fuse For Oil Immersed Transformer& Pad Mounted Transformer

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Bay-O-Net Assembly manufacturer,High-voltage Fuse suppliers For Oil Immersed Transformer& Pad Mounted Transformer

PRNT-15.5 high voltage fuse CE, GB, IEC, ISO9001:2000 OEM & ODM supply Best Quality, low price

It can be used in indoor system of AC 50Hz and reted voltage of 3.6kV,7.2kV and 12kV. When used together with other protection facilities (such as switches and vacuum contactors), it works to protect high-voltage engines and other electric facilities from overloading and short circuit.

PRNT High-Voltage Current Limit Fuse for Oil-Immersed Transformer Protection Against Overloading

Bay-O-Net Assembly is the brief element of oil-transformer,to protect the equipment when over-current.When install the fuse wire in it, the Bay-O-Net will provide the safe,highly efficient protection,according to the current,oil- femperature.

The Bay-O-Net Assembly is suitable for current sensing fuse wire,dual sensing fuse wire,dual element fuse wire,and ELSP current-limiting backup fuse, etc. It is suitable for high-voltage power system with alternating current of 50Hz, standard voltage of 15.5kV,current rating of 140A.It must be combining with MagnX Interrupter of ELSP Current-Limiting Backup Fuse to protect transformer from overload and short circuit.

This kind of switch applies to single-phase, three phase , combination oil-immersed transformer electrical power with frequency of 50HZ,,60HZ,rated voltage of 10KV,35KV,rated current of 30A ~500A; the voltage-regulating mode are: central part, terminal point neutral point, which can be directly fixed on the tank cover of the transformer, exchange under the off-circuit condition.

PRNT High-Voltage Current Limit Fuse supplier for Oil-Immersed Transformer Protection Against Overloading

GENERAL: Bay-O-Net Fuse Assemblies are used to protect transformers and distribution systems. They are designed for use in pad-mounted or subsurface distribution transformers filled with Envirotemp™ FR3™ fluid,transformer oil, or approved equivalent. The assemblies combine the ease of hotstick operation with the safety of dead front construction.

Silver-Plated Flapper Bay-O-Net assemblies are also available and recommended for use with the high ampere overload Bay-O-Net links. Silver plated contacts along with the high ampere overload link allow the fusing of larger kVA transformers.

Padmount transformer parts  Bay-o-net fuse holder manufacturer

INSTALLATION: No special tools are required. The fuse assembly is mounted through the transformer tank wall for sidewallmount and through the tank cover for cover-mount. The incoming highvoltage lead is connected to the isolation link or current-limiting fuse. The isolation link or current-limiting fuse is connected to the lower contact of the fuse assembly; and the upper contact is connected to the transformer winding.


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