high tensile fasteners manufacturing with tensile grades 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9 grades Specification

high tensile fasteners Specification from M24 to M64 in high tensile grades IS1364, IS1367 grade 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9 grades. conforms to Standard EN ISO 898-1, EN ISO 4014, EN ISO 4017, EN ISO 4032, EN ISO 14399-4. Fasteners range including full threaded(EN ISO 4017 / DIN 933 / IS 1364 ) and standard threaded ( EN ISO 4014 / DIN 931 / IS 1364 )

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Artisan factory owing the complete fasteners manufacturing process from metal forging, machining and heat treatment, Galvanized Zinc painting.Alloy Steel, high tensile fasteners      DimensionDescriptionDiameterLengthFinishMaterial GradeISO 4014 / DIN 931High tensile fastenersM-12 to M-10020 mm to 500 mmPlain / Zinc plated / HDG 6az / Teflon / PTFE /  Zinc aluminum flake / Geomet8.8 / 10.9ISO 4017 / DIN 933High tensile fastenersM-12 to M-10020 mm to 500 mm10.9 / 12.9ASTM A 193High tensile fasteners1/2" to 4"3/4" to 20"ASTM A 193 B-7 / L-7 / B-16ASTM A 194BS 1768High tensile fasteners1/2" to 4"20 mm to 500 mmASTM A 193 B-7 / L-7 / B-16

Carbon Steel, mild steel fasteners     DimensionDescriptionDiameterLengthFinishMaterial GradeISO 4014 / DIN 931Hex Head boltsM-12 to M-10020 mm to 500 mmPlain / Zinc plated / HDG 6azA2, A4, SS304, 304L, 316, 316LISO 4017 / DIN 933Hex Head ScrewsM-12 to M-10020 mm to 500 mmA2, A4, SS304, 304L, 316, 316LASTM A 193Hex Head bolts1/2" to 4"3/4" to 20"B8, B8M, B8T, class 2ASTM A 194BS 1768Hex Head Screws1/2" to 4"20 mm to 500 mmB8, B8M, B8T, class 2ASTM A 307Hex Head bolts1/2" to 4"3/4" to 20"A , B , C

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DIN BS JIS ISO standard fasteners manufacturer for Mold,Electricity,Construction,Solar energy,Automotive,Machinery,industries Equipment
fastener factory machining steel purchase from big Steel Mill whose steel have good mechanical properties and stability of chemical component. it keep the bolt to be of high strength

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