what's “FRP Fiber glass”,Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) manufacturing Process

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Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) products including FRP rods,FRP tube,FRP pipe,the manufacturing Process are different.

FRP rods are made by Pultrusion Machine.

Pultrusion is a manufacturing technique for fabricating continuous FRP structural shapes without altering the cross-sections.

Generally, pultrusion involves pulling the raw materials (a polymer surfacing veil, textile reinforcing fibers, a resin formulation, etc.) through a heated metal forming die.

The reinforcement materials are usually in continuous shapes such as hollow spools or doffs of fiberglass roving or continuous filament mats.

The resin mixture is used to saturate the reinforcement materials, which are shaped and passed through a heated steel die. The heat sparks a catalytic reaction, curing the resin and giving it a rigid profile that imitates the die cavity's shape.

FRP pultrusions are used in a range of applications across various industries, for they can be manipulated to imitate the useful properties and leave out the inferior properties of conventional materials.

There are multiple variations of the pultrusion process, ranging from using a reciprocating puller to a caterpillar puller, but the basic concept is mostly the same across all processes.

FRP tube,FRP pipe made by epoxy glass fiber winding machine

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FRP Process,There is a wide variety of manufacturing process for the reinforced plastic products. For example, the hand lay-up process, filament winding, pultrusion process, vacuum bagged method, etc. In the different process, glass fibers can exist in different forms. Such as fiberglass matting, fiberglass fabric, chopped strand mat, glass filaments, and so on. Also, you can choose different resin to get different FRP properties.

The hand lay up can help produce large and complex shape products, such as boat hull. Impregnating the glass filaments with polyester and vinyl ester resins, and winding them on the core with certain rules. After solidification and mold release, you can get the final product. This is the filament winding process. In addition, the core material is generally aluminum, steel or wood. FRP spray up method is also used for complex shapes fiberglass composites. It uses the chopper gun and sprays the resin system with chopped strand mat or gun roving from the different nozzle.

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