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Natural / Black modificated (electrical conductive)

Custom CNC Machining plastic Parts, PVDF、PC、PP、PU、PET、ABS、POM、HDPF、PMMA、PTFE、UHMW-PE、PVC、PA/MC、Delrin、Nylon....


According to your drawing(size, material, processing content, etc)

Tolerance丨Surface Roughness

+/-0.005 - 0.01mm(Custonize avaiable)丨Ra0.2 - Ra3.2(Custonize avaiable)

Materials Avaiable

Such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, iron, PE, PVC, ABS, etc.

Surface Treatment

Polishing, general, hard, color oxidation, surface chamfering, tempering, etc.


CNC turning, milling, drilling, auto lathe, tapping, bushing, surface treatment, anodized, etc.

Drawing Formats


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CNC Machining PVDF - Notes for Designers
PVDF is an expensive thermoplastic and therefore should be reserved for applications requiring the highest strength, purity and chemical and heat resistance.

If the superior tensile stress and compressive strength are not required, or a higher operating temperature is desired, PTFE may be considered as an alternative.

PVDF Plastic Machining manufacturer,Polyvinylidene Fluoride Precision Machining parts
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Custom CNC Machining plastic Parts, PVDF、PC、PP、PU、PET、ABS、POM、HDPF、PMMA、PTFE、UHMW-PE、PVC、PA/MC、Delrin、Nylon

What is PVDF? PVDF Machined Components supplier
PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) is a high performance engineering plastic. It is a relatively new fluoropolymer best regarded for its chemical resistance. Although similar to PTFE, the mechanical features such as tensile stress and compressive strength are notably higher. Where PTFE trumps PVDF is in resistance to high temperatures (up to 300°C as opposed to 150°C for PVDF).

Main Attributes of PVDF:
Outstanding chemical resistance to acids and alkali
High density
Mechanical strength and toughness
Very low moisture absorption
Good UV and weather resistance
Flame retardant
Very good weldability
Food compliant
Wide operating temperature range (-50°C to 150°C)
Excellent dimensional stability
Good electrical insulating properties
Low thermal conductivity

PVDF Components manufacturer, Applications ndustries:
Chemical tanks
Laboratory equipment
Solar power systems
Food machinery components
Industry Examples:
Food technology
Mechanical engineering
Chemical & petrochemical