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1>Material Thickness:1.0mm,1.2mm,1.5mm,1.8mm,2.0mm,2.5mm,3.0mm

2>Product Thickness:10-60mm

3>Mesh Size: 40mm,48mm,50mm,60mm,80mm,100mm

4>Choice of material:A3F,0CR13,1CR17,OCR18NI9,SS321,SS316

Board thickness(mm)

Mesh size(mm)Mesh thickness(mm)



1.050x50 10 3.3
1.240x40 10 5.2
1.050x50 15 5.2
1.550x50 15 7.0
1.7550x50 20 11.5
2.050x50 20 13.0
2.050x50 20 17.0

Product advantages:

hexagonal hexsteel has increased its fixing power with the lining material, hence effectively strengthening self connecting property of the lining material. It can keep the heat insulation layer from peeling off znd raise the fastness of lining material.


used for pouring shapeless lining material for lining material fixing up, We have produced necessary metal parts for many mainfram factories, various lining metal components for many petrochemical manufacturers. The products producted are widely used in petrochemical large devices, especailly as one of the key lining parts conducive to the catalyst.

Stainless Steel Hex Mesh/ Hex Steel,furnaces hexmetal manufacturer,special shell type non lance hexmetal supplier

Hexsteel steel gird is made of high temperature, corrosion-resistant special metal materials, it is punched and pressed by professional machine equipment and stamped together into a kind of hexagonal grating mesh, The hexsteel is been welded on the wall of steel pipe,together with refractory concreat material, increase the service life times of steel pipes or ovens, and refractory concreat material will not easy to peel off with long service life.
Hexsteel steel grid can be supplied either flat or cut to size and rolled; after rolling, they can easily fit inside vessel walls and provide for a perfect continuity of the refractory lining for Ducts, Furnaces, Reactor Vessels, Cyclones, Flue Gas Lines and other high temperature equipment of virtually any shape or configuration, even with very narrow radii of as small as 15cm.

1.Material :Iron,Steel,Stainless iron or stainless steel.

2.Specification of hexsteel grating mesh

Hole sizewidth of steel barSteel bar thickness
20mm—60mm 10mm-25mm1mm-3mm
hexsteel hexmesh, hex grid metal,furnaces Reactors ducts refractory material and flues in industrial floors
Stainless steel Hex mesh flexible, mesh grating used in reinforcing linings, floors and any cement structures needing added support
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Stainless Steel Hex Mesh/ Hex Steel
Hex mesh is a hexagonal cellular mesh grating specifically designed for reinforcing both linings and flooring. It acts as a surface framework to hold cement or refractory in position, and relieves stress in the lining's upper crust, which prevents spalling and cracking. As a result of its strength and unique design, abrasion and corrosion are retarded and refractory life is significantly extended. Even hot gaseous substances cannot erode the refractory because they are reflected away from the surface by the metal cellular grid.
Stainless steel Hex mesh is flexible, mesh grating used in reinforcing linings, floors and any cement structures needing added support.
hexsteel is also called hexmesh, hex grid metal. It is a refractory material often used in furnaces
Reactors ducts and flues and provides long term protection for armor applications in industrial floors.

FEATURES of hexteel
1. High wear resistance, high temperature, corrosion resistance
2. Strong Thermal state impact ability,
3. Good mechanical processing performance
4. Used in about 1300° C

Application of hexsteel steel grid
Process plant which is subject to the passage of erosive gas streams, especially at high temperature, benefit by cladding with Hexsteel steel grid infilled with erosion resistant refractories. Typical applications include Cyclones, Flue Gas Lines, Reactor Vessels, Windboxes, Fan Casings, Burner Quarls: in fact any vessel or section that is subject to erosion or abrasion.

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