TRIDELTA Meidensha Surge Arresters Introduction

Our Aluminum Potential Rings applicated in their Surge arresters which use for capacitor banks in static compensators,AC and DC railway arresters, lighting arresters for indoor application in MV cubicles.

TRIDELTA MEIDENSHA SURGE ARRESTERS best solution and superior quality for every requirement. Comprehensive product portfolio

stable continuous duty and lowest failure rates ensuring a long service life

best protection levels and bending strength

efficiency and the highest quality inmanufacturing

TRIDELTA MEIDENSHA GmbH provides arresters for every requirement,products are especially developed for service in all environment conditions around the world,they are ssuccessfully installed in coastal and desert regions,in areas with high industrial air pollution,heavy windload and extreme climatic conditions,in seismic zones and other areas that require special protection.

TRIDELTA arresters protect outdoor equipment such as transformers,motors,generators,traction vehicles pr atmospheric and switching overvoltage equipments.

TRIDELTA MEIDENSHA provides SURGE ARRESTERS for special applications,

Surge arresters for capacitor banks in static compensators,

AC and DC railway arresters,

lighting arresters for indoor application in MV cubicles.

in addition TRIDELTA MEIDENSHA offers an extensive range of transmission on line arresters,a cost effective solution to protect overhead transmission lines,reduce potential line outages and enhance system reliability.

a wide range of porcelain and polymer housing in various designs and versions is the basis to provide the optimum surge arresters for every application.

TRIDELTA  silicone housing surge arresters  800 kV high voltage corona rings
porcelain surge arresters aluminum grading potential rings supplier