What Is Corona Shield?

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Series resonant system produces high voltage, which cause the non-uniform local electric field. The function of the corona shield is to make the local electric field be uniform.

The corona shields are used in high voltage testing equipment and power systems (substations, high voltage bushings, AC/DC voltage systems, circuit breakers, etc.) and are mainly made of aluminum alloy and copper. Generally the corona shields need to be polished bright to achieve more smooth and no burr surface finish for ensuring better corona shield effect.

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high voltage corona complete shielding,Material depend on customer's design,mainly including: Aluminum 3A21,Aluminum6061,Aluminum6063,Aluminum Alloy AL101. Copper C11000,Copper C12000. Stainless Steel SS304, Stainless Steel SS316L.

high voltage corona complete shielding's Surface Treatment Aluminum Corona Shield: Polishing Bright,Anodic Oxidation,Galvanized,Color Painting,Coating Insulating Varnish,

Copper Corona Shield: Polishing,Brushing,Passivation,

Stainless Steel Corona Shield: Polishing,Passivated,Sandblasting,Laser Engraving,Chroming,

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