What is "equalizing ring" in transmission line?Equalizing ring installation instructions

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Equal Voltage Rings Pressure equalizing ring: is the main role, is suitable for the voltage form of communication, high pressure can be evenly distributed around the object, ensure no potential difference between each part of the ring, so as to achieve the effect of the equalizer.

Equalizing ring can be divided by use different, lightning arrester equalizing ring, lightning protection equalizing ring and insulator are pressure equalizing ring ring, transformer, high voltage test equipment equalizing ring, power transmission and transformation line equalizing ring, etc.

Equal Voltage Rings according to the material is qualitative different, can be divided into aluminum pressure equalizing ring, stainless steel ring, iron equalizing ring, etc.

Shield with the name of equalizing ring similar ring, equalizing shielding ring two

Equalizing rings manufacturer,corona Rings for Insulators in Transmission Line/HV Surge Arresters

Equalizing ring installation instructions The installation method and matters needing attention: As shown on diagram to the right, installation process of corona ring on composite insulator includes high voltage end (conductor side) and low voltage end (iron tower side), each set of corona ring is composed of one ring body, two attachment brackets and four sets of standard component (including four bolt, four plain washer, four spring and four nut), lean the corona ring towards the end during installation. a.Cover and buckle ring body onto the insulator, then align mounting hole at the end of two attachment bracket and mounting hole on the ring body, insert bolt and add plain washer, spring and nut (Note: don't jam nut at this point). b.Wrap another two ends of the bracket onto circumferential boss on the hardware surface (install the connection bracket close to the end if there's no boss on hardware surface, see figure attached), align mounting hole and insert the two standard components. c.Use spanner to lock the four nut on corona ring and make sure balance clearance is left between the two brackets. d.For design of insulator low voltage end with full enclosed bird hazard prevention shield, wrap double semicircular aluminum alloy foil onto hardware end surface of the insulator during installation, cling inner chamber of the shield to rubber bumper end face and lock with bolt, make sure balance gap of the double semicircular aluminum foil within range of 0.3mm-1.5mm.

Equalizing ring on the Insulator installation structure:

Equalizing ring on the Insulator installation structure

Note: specification and allocation quantity of corona rings is in ccordance with insulator voltage level and requirement by engineering.

Precautions: a.Corona ring of this series cannot be suspended directly by the ring body when lifted with composite insulator in case of load deflection or breakage of the ring body. b.Arc surface of aluminum alloy ring body is the key component of corona ring, please handle gently and be aware of tools and other hard objects, minor cuts can be polished with fine sandpaper above 200 mesh. c.Make sure circular arc face umbrella dress (see outline drawing for installation). d.Make sure inner chamber is installed closely outboard the rubber bumper construction organization design. protector during installation of corona ring with full enclosed bird hazard protection shield at low voltage end.

Corona Ring advantage: For AC/DC, it can be high voltage evenly distributed around the object to ensure the potential of every position around the ring consistent.

Shielding Corona Ring for Insulator is used to very high voltage power transmission insulators and switchgear, and on scientific research apparatus that generates high voltages, for lower its maximum values below the corona threshold, preventing corona discharge.

The purpose of the corona ring is very extensive, it can be divided into Arrester shielding corona ring,lightning protection,shielding corona ring,insulator shielding corona ring,transformer shielding corona ring,shielding corona ring of high voltage laboratory test equipment,high voltage capacitor shielding corona ring,high voltage divider shielding corona ring,AC-DC test systempower transmission line shielding corona ring.

Meanwhile,in a lot of supporting precision measurement of electrical equipment,often used shielding corona ring,or grading ring.

The shielding ring packing can be done by wooden case and cartons. More important,we support pre-shipment inspection service for every client.

Corona Ring Application:

For High Voltage Lightning Surge Arresters,Insulators,Bushings,Power Transformer,Power Cable,Instrument Transformers, and Other High Voltage Laboratory Test Equipment etc.

Corona Ring Main Raw Material:

– High quality Aluminium,Stainless Steel,Copper etc.

– Up to the selection of customers.

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