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What is precision Stainless Steel investment Casting?

Stainless steel casting, or stainless steel investment casting, is the lost wax investment casting process by pouring melton stainless steel into moulds for solidification, thus to achieve a solid stainless steel component in desired shape.

Stainless steel casting is considered when both the properties of steel and corrosion resistance are required. So like other cast steel alloys, stainless steel is widely used material for casting production.

At present,the most dimension precision stainless investment casting method is Silica Sol Casting, Dimensional tolerance our factory can control in ±0.1mm.

Artisan Industry's foundry precision Stainless steel investment casting process mainly by silica sol casting process, which is the most precision casting process.

Stainless steel casting process involves melting of metal, molding, and creating quality components with constant heating or cleaning. When normal casting components are not able to deliver enough strength and shock resistant features then stainless steel castings are just taken wonderful choice over others.

This process can produce high precision net shape castings with no machining. Normally we can control such precision stainless steel casting with tolerance CT5-6 level. Another advantage is that, with this process, our foundry can supply stainless steel casting with no defects.

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Common Material Grades of Stainless Steel Casting

304The most widely used austenite steel, may be referred to as A2 stainless.
304LThis grade has slightly lower mechanical properties than the standard 304 grade, but is still widely used in casting for its versatility
316The second most common austenite steel, also referred to as A4 stainless. SS316 is used primarily for its increased resistance to corrosion.
316LLower carbon content than 316 stainless steel, which reduces the sensitization effect caused by the high temperatures involved in welding. Besides, it shows better resistance to stress-corrosion cracking.
PH17-4Most common precipitation-hardening martensitic stainless steel, which uses about 17% chromium and 4% nickel.
Inox 2205 DuplexUsed for its good mechanical properties and excellent corrosion resistance properties.

Precision Stainless Steel investment Casting Process (foundry working process):

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MINING INDUSTRY machinery stainless steel parts:

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Artisan Industry manufacture High-Quality casting parts and forging parts for mining industry, these parts are used for drilling, blasting, digging, transporting, crushing and refining. All of components can withstand harsh and abusive work environments.
These components can be roller levers, pallets, hammers, chain links, adapters, sleeves etc.
Material Stainless steel/Carbon Steel/Aluminum alloy/Titanium alloy etc all can be manufactured.
MINING INDUSTRY machinery stainless steel parts all pass the heat treatment for ensure Minimum breaking strength.


all pass the heat treatment for ensure Minimum breaking strength.

CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY STAINLESS STEEL parts:  all pass the heat treatment for ensure Minimum breaking strength.

Wear resistant castings and high strength forgings are very common in construction machinery. They help machines to build facilities, transport materials, landfill, and maintain roads.
Artisan Industry provides reliable long life parts for customers to finish projects and cost down.
• Track Links • Clamping
• Lifting Eyes • Quick Joint
• Bearing Covers • Sprockets
• Tooth Blocks • Side Plates
• Track shoes • Beam connectors
• Mounting Brackets • Trencher Tooth
• Bucket Teeth • Coupling

OIL & GAS INDUSTRY Stainless Steel precision casting enclosures/Shell/Flange:

OIL & GAS INDUSTRY Stainless Steel precision casting enclosures/Shell/Flange/Valve Components/pump bodies

Artisan Industry's castings are widely used in the exploration, pumping, transportation filtering and refining of both oil and gas. We have rich experience in manufacturing the parts with highest degree of quality, durability and corrosion resistance. The components are made from tough, high specification materials, often involving high levels of product verification and testing.
We can cast parts with complex internal structure, special material and high performance.
• Valve Components • Crank Arm
• Impellers • Compressor Components
• Pump Bodies • Instrument accessories
• Flanges • Blowout Protector
• Drilling Components • Fittings/Couplings
• Burner Parts • Rod Locks
• Bottom Plate • Jack Parts

AGRICULTURAL INDUSTRY components(Stainless Steel/Carbon Steel precision casting/forging) :

AGRICULTURAL INDUSTRY components(Stainless Steel/Carbon Steel precision casting/forging) parts with high strength

Agriculture is the oldest industry in the world. Artisan Industry utilizes investment casting to manufacture parts and components with long life cycles and high durability for tough agricultural applications.

RAIL & TRANSIT precision accessories manufacturing

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Rail & transit industry has large demands of high quality safe cast components. Artisan Industry provided steel parts for rail rolling stock, maintenance equipment, railway infrastructure, trucks and wagons.

HYDRAULIC CYLINDER and FORESTRY & LOGGING precision parts manufacture:

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MEDICAL EQUIPMENT precision accessories:

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FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRY(Stainless steel helical fittings):

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Artisan Industry provide a variety of metal parts manufacturing services, inspection services and technical consulting services.

• Carbon Steel and Aluminum Alloy Steel
• Stainless Steel and Duplex Steel
• High Manganese Steel
• Gray Cast Iron
• Ductile Cast Iron
• High Chromium Cast Iron
• Aluminum
• Bronze

• Investment Casting (Lost Wax)

• Precision silica sol casting
• Sand Casting
• Lost Foam Casting
• Close Die Forging
• Open Die Forging
• Rolled Ring Forging
• Precision CNC Machining
• Cutting & Welding

• Hardness Testing
• Impact Testing
• Tensile Testing
• Spectral Analysis
• Metallographic Examination
• Radiographic Testing (RT)
• Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)
• Penetrant Testing (PT)
• Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

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Post Treatments of Stainless Steel Casting

Heat Treatment: Solution Treatment, enhance the mechanical strength

Like other steel castings, stainless steel castings may also require heat treatment to achieve a certain properties. Solution treatment is the only heat treatment way after stainless steel casting.

Soultion treating of stainless steels castings depends to a great extent on the type and grade of stainless steel castings. Main purpose of solution treating stainless steel castings is to ensure that the properties can be improved (e.g. corrosion resistance, ductility, or hardness), or for further machining operation, so that the stainless steel component can perform in its intended service environment.

Note: Before solution treating operation, surface cleaning is necessary performed on stainless steel casting blanks to remove oils, grease, and other types of residue. Left on the stainless steel casting surface during heat treating may occur degrading the corrosion resistance or other properties of products.

Post Treatments and cnc machining of Stainless Steel Casting parts,cast 316 stainless steel properties

Post Machining

Although stainless steel precision investment castings can achieve a higher size accuracy and surface finish, it does not mean machining can be saved for all the stainless steel cast products. Machining will have to be performed when there is a closer tolerance and surface finish requirement that casting can not reach.

Artisan Industry foundry has built a reputation to do machining after stainless steel casting. Our specialized machining services enables us to manufacture stainless steel castings with intricate geometry and detail, while maintaining high precision and accuracy. Our company has equiped with full sets of machining equipmement from manual turning & milling to complex CNC machining services. We offer the capabilities to machine stainless steel castings from several ounces up to 100lbs.

Inspection after machining is also very critical, we utilize manual inspection equipment and gages as well as the latest in coordinate measuring machine (CMM) technology to measure and record all the dimensions. This ensures our customers always get the quality they want.

Surface Treatments for Stainless steel accessories (Pickling & Passivation,Shot Blasting,Glass Bead Blasting,Electropolishing,Brush Finish,Mirror Polishing):

Surface treatment or surface finish is very popular post treatment method to smooth the surface of stainless steel castings. See the types of surface treatment for stainless steel castings in below:

Pickling & PassivationPickling is a chemical treatment way to eliminate surface dirts like oxide skin, rust, welding spots, etc. And passivation is a process that forming a new abundant chromium protective layer, thus to improve the anti-oxidation ability of stainless steel castings.
Shot BlastingThe most widely used surface treatment method used to clean, strengthen (peen) or polish the surface of stainless steel castings. Low cost.
Glass Bead BlastingGlass bead blasting method to refine the surface of stainless steel castings. The surface smooth of sand glass bead blasting looks better than that of shot blasting, but higher cost.
ElectropolishingUsed to remove surface tiny burrs and improve the brightness of stainless steel castings.
Brush FinishBrushed finish typically has a uni-directional satin finish. The brushing gives cast stainless steel parts a distinct look, as it retains some, but not all of its metallic lustre and is given a pattern of very fine lines parallel to the brushing direction.
Mirror PolishingThe brightest surface polishing way that can achieve a very smooth and shining surface like a mirror finish. Only suitable for outside areas of stainless steel castings.

Precision Stainless Steel Casting parts Application:

For the unique physical properties of stainless steel, Stainless steel castings are served for a wide range of industries, especially those in severe environments. Below are the main applications of stainless steel casting:

Food Processing Machinery: Almost all the food processing equipments are made in stainless steel due to its rust prevention capability. Such food processing equipments are normally assembled by many stainless steel components. There are several processing processes to produce these stainless steel components, such as casting, forging, welding, machining from plate, etc. Among them, casting is the most flexible manufacturing process to produce complex shaped components for food processing machinery. So stainless steel casting is widely used for food machinery application! Typical food machinery components made in stainless steel casting process are: metal grinder components, coffee machine components, etc.

Valve & Pump Components: Stainless steel casting is the most widely used technique for valve & pump components. For its complicated design of valve and pump components, stainless steel casting is able to produce any complex shape. Valve and pump components from stainless steel casting are durable enough for severe service applications. So stainless steel casting is a cost efficient way and a popular selection for pump and valve applications. Common valve & pump components made from stainless steel casting are : valve body, valve disc, valve bonnet, valve gland, pump body, pump impeller, etc.

Marine Application: Stainless steel casting are used in marine applications which require parts that are strong with extremely high resistance to heat, abrasion and corrosion. CFS foundry uses a wide range of stainless steel alloys for recreational, governmental and commercial marine components. Stainless steel marine castings can be polished to a mirror finish for maximum corrosion and abrasion resistance.

New marine grade stainless steel investment castings for marine application could be supplied electro polished and machined from our company, saving our customers 30% on their current spend.

Pipe Fittings: Pipe Fittings are components used for connecting, terminating, controlling flow, and changing the direction of piping in many different industries. When purchasing pipe fittings, considering the application, these pipe fittings are normally made of stainless steel 316, which is higher strength and more corrosion resistant than stainless steel 304. Stainless steel casting is the most cost effective method for small volume production.

Usually produced stainless steel cast fittings are elbow, tee, bushing, close nipple, etc. Our machining capability can meet any machining requirement like threads.

Medical Equipments: Stainless steel casting is able to produce a wide range of components for medical instrument manufacturers. We work with numerous of stainless steel materials, including stainless steel 304(L), stainless steel 316(L) and more, to create custom parts that meet the tight tolerances and dimensional precision required by medical application. Stainless steel cast parts we manufacture for medical OEMs are included in: dental & surgical tools, Implantable components, operating tables & other operating room equipment, MRI machines, X-ray equipment, stretchers, wheelchairs & similar products, injury stabilizing devices, and more.

Other Applications of Stainless Steel Castings are: Sculpture parts, Bathroom & Toilet fittings, Door & Windows, etc.

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Artisan industry Stainless Steel Foundry is professional stainless steel investment casting and machining companies in China. We can manufacture custom stainless steel castings ranging from 0.05kg-60kgs that match your exact design specifications with any grade required.

Automatic Tooling: With automatic tooling, the wax model making process is automated. The advantages of automatic tooling over manual tooling are as below: a) Better tolerance control. b) Can prevent damage of wax models caused by workers. With manual tooling, the whole wax model making process is manual operation, which is very easy to cause damage. c) Higher production efficiency. With 4 cavities, the automatic tooling will just cost 25 seconds to finish 4pcs of wax models, while the manual tooling will take at least 1 minute.

Advanced Manufacturing Process & Fast Delivery: Unlike some small stainless steel casting companies in China, all the production equipments used in our stainless steel investment casting process are imported and checked regularly. Besides, we continuously learn foreign advanced production experience to improve our strength. This will enable our customers to achieve superior quality, fast delivery, but lower price compared to purchasing stainless steel castings from Eourpean or American Markets.

Full Solution: Artisan industry is not only limited to investment casting of stainless steel, we also have the capabilities of heat treatment, post machining, surface treatment to supply finished products to our customers. What’s more, we can also supply redesign service for free if the design is not so ideal for stainless steel casting production.

District Quality Control: Quality control is also critical during the whole manufacturing process. Artisan industry foundry follows three times’ inspection before shipment: initial inspection, routing inspection and final inspection. And the related testing reports will be submitted to our customers.

Convenient Transportation: Our company is located in the second largest port city of China, so our customers can enjoy convenient waterway transportation if purchasing stainless steel castings from us. Especially for large volume, it can help to save a lot of shipping cost and time for our customers.

Our mature casting technique makes us the most reliable one-stop source for stainless steel castings. The competitive prices and full services of stainless steel castings are the most attractive factor for foreign companies from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, etc to purchase products from our company in China.

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