ZL101A Aluminum casting parts for Oil-immersed Power Transformer (35~500kV 6.3~300MVA)

GIS ZL101A Aluminum casting parts/Flanges,precision low pressure die casting Aluminum casting components for Oil-immersed Power Transformer,35~500kV 6.3~300MVA

Our factory specialized in Aluminum casting parts/Metal components manufacture such as Flanges/Enclosures/housings/Conductors, material including Aluminum alloy ZL101A、Stainless steel SUS304/316、carbon steel ASTM C45 and so on,products mainly use for HV POWER TRANSFORMER、Electricity GIS、AIS、Dry type Terminations、NEUTRAL EQUIPMENT、POWER QUALITY TREATMENT EQUIPMENT、TEST EQUIPMENT、EPC...

ZL101A Aluminum casting products have the stable quality with security mostly used in Gas insulated metal-enclosed switchgear. our factory have cost advantage because we are the manufacturer not a middle man. Also we have the short delivery cycle. you will receive your products quickly within 60 days. Our company is next to ShangHai with convenient traffic condition. Choose us,you will get cheap and stable quality products. and welcome quantity purchase.

Oil-immersed Power Transformer 35~500kV 6.3~300MVA

Main feature:

Low loss and low noise

Low local discharge

Strong short circuit withstand ability

Prevent oil leakage technology

Effective cooling technology

No hanging cover on site, no maintenance on the body

Energy saving and environmental protection

Aluminum metal components manufacturer Oil-immersed Power Transformer 35~500kV 6.3~300MVA
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Acceptance of the Gas insulated metal-enclosed switchgear

Acceptance of the Gas insulated metal-enclosed switchgear, it's a huge and complicated job,however,we can start from below aspects:
1.appearance:be clean and tidy, non-corroded.
2.completeness: the electrical connection is reliable and good connect,the lead and fitting are comlete;
3.Each gas chamber gas leakage rate and water content should meet the requirements.
4.The linkage of combined electric appliance and transmission mechanism should be normal; opening and closing instructions are correct,During debugging operation, the auxiliary switch and electric locking device should operate correctly and reliably .
4.The alarm latching values of density relays equipped with each gas chamber meet the requirements.the electrical circuit drive should be correct.
5.Painting should be complete,and the color should be correct, the case should be well grounded.
6.The connection of mechanism box,exchange control cabinet and secondary circuit is correct.
7.The following documents shall be submitted for project acceptance;
a、Documentation of design changes;
b、Installation technical record;
c、Produce specification,experimental records,installation drawings and other technical documents;
d、Debug experiment record;
e、Spare parts、List of special tools and testers.

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