110kv-550kv Transmission Line Insulators's accessories: Aluminium Alloy Shielding Rings/ Corona Rings

Belong to Polymer insulators/Silicone Rubber long rod Insulators installation accessories 

Aluminium Alloy Shielding/ Grading/ Corona Rings applicated in 110KV-550KV Transmission line polymer Insulators.

The corona ring is done by accurate digital assimilation in order to reduce and to balance the electrical field around and on the insulator's sheds. The corona ring is made of aluminum which is resistant against harsh weather conditions; it is polished for the reasons of reducing Corona and partial discharge. The utilized bolts and arms in Corona ring are all made of stainless steel in order to be anti-corrosion. The special design of the Corona ring makes impossible any inaccuracy in its installation.

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