HV Surge Arresters Aluminium Grading Rings

Aluminum alloy potentialring/grading ring application: silicone housing arresters in Cage Design of the SBKC series for applications up to 420 kV.

Fibreglas reinforced plastic rods (FRP) are fixed in the arrester terminals and form a kind of cage around the metaloxide varistor blocks which provides a high mechanical stability to the arrester. The direct moulding of the active part with LSR silicone prevents from any moisture ingress and ensures a high reliability. We use high quality LSR silicone which keeps its hydrophobic and UV-resistant/non ageing properties over the complete service life and ensures excellent artificial pollution performance.

SBKC arresters in Cage Design are suitable for applications with advanced mechanical requirements and offer an outstanding price-performance ratio. They can be installed in substations in stationary or suspended installation and are best adapted for use as line arresters for protection of transmission lines. High level and stable manufacturing quality on newest machinery as well as testing with state-of-the-art test equipment assure a long service life.

High Voltage Corona Control equipments including HV Corona Ring, Shielding Tube, Grading Rings, Corona Cover, Conductor, Flange, Other conrona products for GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear), Arrestor, HV bushing, Power Transformer, Power cable, Instrument transformer, High voltage test equipment, HV capacitor, AC-DC Converter, HV DC Products and so on. Voltage rating: Low voltage, Medium Voltage, High voltage, Ultra high Voltage, Super high Voltage Main material for the corona rings: Aluminum, Copper. Material: Aluminum :Tolerances: ISO 2768-mk and ISO 13920-BF Finish Surface: Ra 3,2 Group Regist Capital: 10,000,000 USD Overall workers and engineers: >350.

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