Transformer Grading rings

Corona Rings application for Power Transformer,Current Transformer,Arrestor,HV Bushing,HV Test Laboratory,Gas Insulated Switchgear,HV Capacitor Bank,Power Cable Accessory,motors,Circuit Breaker,Power Transmission Line,HVDC System

High Voltage Corona Control equipments including HV Corona Ring, Shielding Tube, Grading Rings, Corona Cover, Conductor, Flange, Other conrona products for GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear), Arrestor, HV bushing, Power Transformer, Power cable, Instrument transformer, High voltage test equipment, HV capacitor, AC-DC Converter, HV DC Products and so on. Voltage rating: Low voltage, Medium Voltage, High voltage, Ultra high Voltage, Super high Voltage Main material for the corona rings: Aluminum, Copper. Material: Aluminum :Tolerances: ISO 2768-mk and ISO 13920-BF Finish Surface: Ra 3,2 Group Regist Capital: 10,000,000 USD Overall workers and engineers: >350.

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