304/316 Stainless Accessories(DIN71803 Ball Stud) for Gas Springs/Compression Cylinder Lift Gas Struts

Stainless Angle Joints DIN 71802, Housing DIN 71805 Universal Joint for Gas Spring, Gas Lift 304/316 stainless Accessories supplier

ASTM304/316L stainless Ball Stud/Universal Joint/ Accessories manufacture application in gas spring and lockable gas spring, including massage armchair, cabinet gas spring, engine cover and door of automobile gas spring, medical equipment knighthead, bus seat angle gas spring, office chair, cosmetology chair, bar chair...

ASTM304/316L stainless Ball Stud supplier for gas spring and lockable gas spring,manufacturer price
stainless steel ball stud factory price for adjustable gas spring
DIN71803 stainless Ball Stud / Ball Joint for Gas Springs
Angle Joints DIN 71802, Housing DIN 71805, DIN71803 Ball Stud Ball Joint stainless manufacturer
 Automatic steel/stainless steel 10mm ball stud, 13mm ball stud, customized Screw Size: Thread: 5/16-18unc, M8, M10 gas springs
gas spring 10mm ball stud plant price, 13mm ball stud Thread: 5/16-18unc, M8, M10,Material: Automatic steel, stainless steel
5/16"x30.48, 5/16"x35.8, 5/16"x42.16, M8"x30.48 stainless joint /ball stud for gas springs

High quality Ball Stud Ball Joint for Gas Springs
Product Description

1. 10mm ball stud, 13mm ball stud
2. Thread: 5/16-18unc, M8, M10
3. Material: Automatic steel, stainless steel


Ball Stud for Gas Springs

2.MaterialSteel, stainless steel, brass, etc. 
3.Machining processesMetal fabrication, machining, welding, forming, shaping, punching, etc.
4.Surface treatment:zinc, chrome plate, nickle plate, e-coating , etc.
5.Machinery and equipmentsCNC machining center; General planning and grinding machine;General punching machine, CNC turning center; Wire EDM, 4 or 5 axis-CNC center processes.
6. Precision:Stamping 0.03mm min.,
Machining 0.01mm min.
7.PackingBoxes, Carton, Pallet or as per customer's requirement
Automatic steel gas springs application, stainless steel 10mm ball stud, 13mm ball stud Thread: 5/16-18unc, M8, M10

Gas spring application:
1. Car trunk with back door support stem assembly. (common models: Toyota, BMW, Audi, HYUNDAI, etc)
2. Seat adjustable gas strut, damper, shock absorber. (bus seat, tractors seat)
3. Gas spring, mechanical equipment support staff. (support operation box of warehouse door role)
4. Controllable gas spring. (chair, sports equipment, fitness equipment use)
5. Small gas spring. (general length between 100-200, used for some small equipment, the damping effect)
6. Tension gas spring, traction gas spring. (with compressed gas spring, the power of the opposite direction)
7. Stainless steel gas spring. (for work environment is bad place, corrosion. Such as seawater)
8. Furniture, Cabinet gas spring. (general installation distance in the 200-400 mm, surface silvery white paint)

 gas spring connector/stainless universal joint  ball stud application