Customized Stainless Steel Drawing Sheet Metal Stamping Motor Shell

motor outer tube manufacturing, stainless steel motor shell parts, stamping deep drawing/CNC Machining Customized Turning and Milling Process


stainless steel 304


pipe-cutting-cnc machining(turning and milling)-polishing-deburring

net weight


basic dimensions

od60,L:110, t:1mm


Od60 with tolerance +/-0.05 mm, 8*3.4 holes with poisition +/-0.05mm, Ra 1.2,100 grid polishing

All the products could be customized, the material , the dimensions, and the surface treatment are various, the material can be steel, steel alloy,stainless steel, aluminum, brass,bronze,copper, titanium, tungsten, carbon fiber,casting iron, casting grey steel, forging blank, casting blank,plastic ......; the dimensions are 1-3800mm in length and 1-1000mm in diameter; the surface treatments can be plating,powder coating, e-coating,painting, oxided, anodization, carboniztriding etc.

motor outer tube manufacturing, stainless steel motor shell parts manufactory
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