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FRP Pultrusion production process is a continuous production process to produce fiber-reinforced polymer profiles of any length and constant section. Reinforcement fibers may be roving, continuous mat, woven roving, carbon or others. The fibers are impregnated with a polymer matrix (resin, minerals, pigments, additives) and passed through a pre-forming station that produces the stratification necessary to give the profile the desired properties. After the pre-forming step, the resin-impregnated fibers are pulled through a heated die to polymerize the resin.

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Best quality flexible solid fiberglass rod, 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm fiberglass rod

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fiberglass rods 3mm, 4mm 5mm 6mm is use carbon fiber material and it has high strength, very light in weight, very flexible and solid, chemical corrosion resistant, its usually used in tent, kite, model, helicopter,etc
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