Composite/Polymer Insulator Core Rod,ECR Pultruded RODS

Focus on Fiberglass Epoxy Pultruded Rods used for Electrical Transformers insulation, Insulators, Lighting Arrestors, Drop out fuses, GOAB Switches...

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FRP Fiberglass Epoxy Pultruded Composite Insulator Core Rod application in Composite/Polymer Insulators and Surge/Lighting Arrestors.

ECR rods Advantages: Epoxy resins are impregnating compounds with the highest available quality of all comparable polymers for the pultrusions of FRP rod materials. Hot curing epoxy resin in combination with anhydride hardener gives an aging/hydrolysis resistant high strength matrix component. Polyester resins are not hydrolysis resistant and have lower mechanical and electrical properties.

FRP Epoxy Pultruded production line focus on producing FRP Rods, FRP Tubes/Pipes, Dog Bone, Corner Angle, Hat section, Threaded Rods, Studs, FRP Strips/Flats, FRP Nuts and FRP Angles etc.

ECR rods specification,ROD Composite/Polymer Insulator FRP Core Rod technical data

ECR's 1st quality standard must be Acid Alkali Resistance,and conforms to IEC 62231/ 62217 all testing items. such as water boil/diffusion test,stress corrosion test,flexural test,tensile breakdown test,light check,anti fatigue swing test,hot flexural test,DYE penetration test/fuchsine test and so on.

ECR level of inflamability is FV0.

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