Silicone Rubber Long Rod Suspension Insulators

Silicone rubber Long Rod Insulator,also names composite Insulators、Polymer Insulators,applicated in high voltage transmission line and distribution line , especially used for heavy pollution areas,high mechanical tensile load and large span and compact line.
Ball&Socket、Tongue&Clevis、Eye&Y clevis Fittings

500KV suspension long rod insulator OEM supplier

System Voltage: 11kV, 33kV, 66kV(69kV), 132kV, 230kV, 400kV, 500kV,800KV,1000KV Specified Mechanical Load (SML): 45kN, 70kN, 120kN, 160kN, 210kN, 300kN,400kN,550kN,840KN Color: Brown, Gray, and customer´s requirement Applicable Standard: IEC, ANSI, CAN, BS, AS, IS or Customer´s requirement

Advantage:Light weight, small size/volume, easy for transportation and installation High mechanical strength,Super performance for anti-pollution It has the feature of light weight, small volume, not easily broken, high mechanical strength, high pollution resistant, good aging resistance, high anti explosive and others.

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