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For line insulators,The end fittings‘s material are typically made of metal, such as forged steel or aluminum. , a high degree of standardization has been achieved for the end fittings, which enables the easy replacement of existing conventional insulators by composite solutions.
The fiberglass reinforced resin rod is responsible for bearing the mechanical loads, which can be tension, bending or compression, or a combination of all three, depending on the application and load scenario.
Materials for the housing are as manifold as the corresponding methods of manufacturing. However, there are performance trends as a result of the existing service experience, details of which are provided later.
Today these composite insulators made of high-grade synthetic materials have exhibited outstanding mechanical and electrical characteristics, and have exceeded all overhead line and switch gear engineering applications in more than 50 countries worldwide.


– Excellent for High contamination applications
– Reduced weight in comparison with porcelain or glass insulators
– High flexibility and shock resistance
– High tracks and power arcs resistance
– High safety where vandalism is a problem
– High creepage on a short length
– Excellent behavior in polluted areas
– Resistant against atmospheric variations
– Self extinguishable with low toxicity index and smoke emission.
– Compact line applications

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