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fiberglass composite tubes,The load bearing insulator tubes are made of epoxy resin
reinforced with electrical grade fiberglass using a wet filament winding technique. The whole process ensures high grade insulator tubes with low manufacturing tolerances and superb mechanical and dielectrical properties.

Hollow composite insulator consisting of an inner tube made of glass-fibre reinforced epoxy( high strength epoxy impregnated glass fiber tube) and of an outer sheath including the sheds made of silicone rubber has been developed as an alternative to hollow porcelain insulators.

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FRP Fibreglass Pipe/Tube/Pole Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Tube
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Insulation Epoxy Glass Fiber FRP Tubes/Filament Winding Tubes/Sf6 Tapchanger Tubes
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Insulation Material Crepe Paper Tube/Transformer Wrapping Paper Tube/Insulation Paper Tube
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High Quality Heat Insulation Material Bakelite Phenolic Cotton Fabric Tube
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