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Product Description:
1. Structure of FRP Rod Description
GFRP Rebar,FRP Rebar,GRP Rebar,glass fiber reinforced polymer rebar,low-weight rebar,all-thread rebar,anti-static rebar.

2. Main Features of FRP Rod
1) All-Thread FRP Bolt: The rod is threaded over the whole length, i.e. "All-Thread";
2) High Corrosion Resistance: The base materials used by the bolt are durable materials, and they are molded through the composite process. The life span is up to 100 years. They can be used as permanent support materials;
3) High Tensile Strength: The load is approximately double that of a steel bar with the same diameter;
4) Low Weight: The weight is only 1/4 that of a steel bar with the same diameter. Therefore, the labor intensity is greatly reduced, and the transportation cost is reduced at the same time;

5) Anti-static: It has no electrical conductivity, and no sparks will be produced when being cut. It is particularly suitable for high gas zones;

6)Non-flammable: It is non-flammable and has high thermal isolation;

7) Cuttability: It avoids damages to cutter heads, and does not delay excavation

3. FRP Rod Images