High voltage Fuse manufacturing in PRNT Current Limit Fuse for Oil-Immersed Transformer Protection Against Overloading

PRNT-155KV oil-immersed American box variant with insert fuse bracket dual sensitive fuse

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insert fuse for oil-immersed American box variant,bracket dual sensitive fuse,PRNT-155KV

EN PRNT 15.5kv 23kv 38kv Bay-O-Net Assembly,bay-o-net fuse cutout for oil transformer FRP tube/brass

EN PRNT 15.5kv Bay-O-Net Assembly,23kv and 38kv sidewall mounted and 23kv cover mounted bay-o-net fuse for pad mounted transformer Professional box-type transformer substation components (brass/Copper/tube/plastic) supplier

The Bay-O-Net Assembly is the brief element of oil-transformer, to protect the equipment when over-current. When install the fuse wire in it, the Bay-O-Net will provide the safe, highly efficient protection, according to the current, oil-temperature.

The Bay-O-Net Assembly is suitable for current sensing fuse wire, dual sensing fuse wire, dual element fuse wire, and ELSP current-limiting backup fuse, etc.

It is suitable for high-voltage power system with alternating current of 50Hz, standard voltage of 15.5kV, current rating of 140A. It must be combining with MagnX Interrupter of ELSP Current-Limiting Backup Fuse to protect transformer from overload and short circuit.

transformer and distribution systems with Bay-O-Net fuse assemblies, They are designed for use in pad-mounted transformers filled with fluid, transformer oil or approved equivalent. The assemblies combine the ease of hotstick operation with the safty of deadfront construction.

Silver-plated Flapper valve Bay-O-Net assemblies are available and recommended for use with the high ampere overload links.

Installation No special tools are required. The fuse assembly is mounted through the transformer tank wall for sidewall-mount and through the tank cover for cover-mount. The incoming high-voltage lead is connected to the isolation link or current-limiting fuse. The isolation limk or current-limiting fuse is connected to the lower contact of the fuse assembly. and the upper contact is connected to the transformer winding.

1. Tapered flange 7°tagpered flange retains gasket seal when compressed during


2. rubber seal Multiple groove Nitrile rubber seal ensures reliable sealing

3. handle stick-operable handle with cam action seals and unseals fuse holder

assembly and allows easy removal of fuse.

4. Outer tube molded outer tube assembly of high temperature thermo-plastic withstands transformer operation temperatures and directs expulsion gases during fuse operation.

5. flapper valve(optional) flapper valve is open when the inner fuse cartridge holder assembly is inserted,the valve closes when the fuse holder is removed resulting in minimal oil spillage.

6. fuse cartridge high strength fuse cartridge directs and contains gases during fuse operation,tapered end contacts allow easy insertion and removal during switching.

7. end plug threaded brass end plug makes contact with fuse link element and diverts gases during fault interruption

8. gas ports expulsion gas ports release gases during fuse operation to prevent excess pressure on fuse holder and break up gas bubbles to prevent restrike.

9. gasket gasket on inside of tank ensures reliable sealing

10. gas ports expulsion gas ports release gases during fuse operation to prevent excess pressure on fuse holder and break up gas bubbles to prevent restrike.

11. copper/sliver-plated terminals one-piece copper or sliver-plated terminals provide convenient connections for high-voltage leads

12 contact buttons independent spring copper or silver-plated contact buttons press

evenly on fuse and are highly resistant to annealing for reliable electrical connection and high current carrying capacity.

cutaway illustration of sidewall-mounted bay-O-net assembly with optional flapper valve

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