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Product NameVarious Treatment Steel Precision Metal Stamping
Product DimensionVarious shapes are available
Product ShapeVarious shapes are available
Processing TypeStamping, CNC Machining, Punching, Extrusion, Welding, Forging, Bending, Deep Drawn, Wire cutting, Metal, Electronic, Metal Spinning, Lathe Machining etc. are available
Tolerance±0.02mm or as per customers' requirement.
Material Standard:ISO, DIN, ASTM, UNS, AISI, JIS, BS, NF
Materials availableStainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Silver, Gold, Chrome, Tin, Nickel, Zinc, Alloy etc. are available.
Material ThicknessAs per customers' requirement.
Surface Treatment/FinishAnodize, Chromate, Electrolytic Plating, Nickel Plating, Galvanize, Tempered, Paint, Powder Coating, Polish etc.,
Heat treatment capabilityAnnealing, Normalizing , Nitriding, Tempering ,Carbonitriding, Carburizing and induction hardening etc.,
Industry Of UseVehicles, construction, electronic, furniture and other various industries
Quality AssuranceISO 9001:2008, ISO/TS 16949:2009, RoHS
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台灣 鍍鋅件 工廠 SS400 galvanized Embedded parts (prefabricated embedded parts) manufacturer lowest price

Embedded parts (prefabricated embedded parts) are the components that are pre-installed (buried) in the concealed project.
They are the structural parts that are placed when the structure is poured, and are used for the overlap of the superstructure.
To facilitate the installation and fixation of the foundation of external engineering equipment.
Most of the embedded parts are made of metal.
Process flow :
Processing according to the drawings → measurement and positioning → support bracket → placement of bolts, embedded parts and temporary fixation → retest and final fixation Measurement positioning
Firstly, the technician is familiar with the drawings and carries out the measurement technical clarification, and then the full-time surveyor draws the control line and the elevation control line for the embedded parts and bolts from the measurement control network according to the technical measurement requirements.
Then according to the design of the embedded anchor bolts and the center and elevation of the embedded parts, the specific position is determined.
Fixed bracket
Put a relative elevation point on the fixed support pile, the bottom should be welded reliably, and be completely separated from the template fixing frame, steel reinforcement fixing frame, etc., and ensure that the fixing frame should have sufficient rigidity and stability.
Place the bolts
After the fixing frame is supported, the bolts should be installed according to the positioning line to fix the center first, then adjust the elevation, and perform temporary reinforcement according to the requirements of the plan. Final fix for retest
After the bolts and embedded parts are placed, the surveyor will adjust and check the bolts and embedded parts again. After the inspection meets the specification requirements, the lower part of the bolts and the fixing frame are welded and fixed firmly. At the same time, the bolt fixing frame is reinforced by welding scissors in the vertical and horizontal directions.

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