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●Advantages of Polymer Insulators =It is very light weight compared to porcelain and glass insulator. =As thecomposite insulatoris flexible the chance of breakage becomes minimum. =Because of lighter in weight and smaller in size, this insulator has lower installation cost. =It has higher tensile strength compared to porcelain insulator. =Its performance is better particularly in polluted areas. =Due to lighter weight polymer insulator imposes less load to the supporting structure. =Less cleaning is required due to hydrophobic nature of the insulator.

●Types of Insulator

There are mainly three types of insulator likewise

Pin Insulator

Suspension Insulator

Stray Insulator, and so on.

In addition to that there are other two types of electrical insulator available mainly for low voltage application, e.i. stay insulator and shackle insulator.

FRP Fiberglass Rod manufacturer/Pultruded Epoxy Rods factory for Composite Insulator

what is "FRP Fiberglass rod"?

FRP fiberglass rod is a kind of FRP composite material which is made of continuous fiberglass roving and resin in the pultrusion molding machine. The surface of the rich resin layer make it has a good corrosion resistance.


1, light weight, high strength, good elasticity, under certain conditions can be bent into a circular shape without cracking or fracture.

2. Stable size and anti-aging

3, beautiful and easy maintenance, diverse colors, glass fiber rod can be made into a variety of colors according to customer needs, good surface quality, good appearance. Maintenance is rarely required.

4. Insulation and flame retardant. FRP rod has excellent electrical insulation performance, fiberglass reinforced plastic is not affected by electromagnetic, can be used in the conductive danger, magnetic sensitive equipment area, as well as flammable and explosive places.

5, no thermal conductivity, frp rod has good thermal performance, thermal conductivity is relatively low, is 1/100 to 1/1000 of the metal.

6. Long-term temperature resistance. As a high-temperature resistant material, the thermal expansion coefficient of glassfiber composite is much lower than that of general plastics.

7. Excellent mechanical processing performance, capable of cutting, drilling, turning, grinding and tapping.

what is Fiberglass Rod Of Composite Insulators (Frp/Ecr Core)?

Fiber glass rod is used for production of silicon rubber insulator of electrical overhead lines. It is an important part of composite insulator and core material of composite insulator. A silicon rubber insulator is also recognized as a composite insulator or polymeric insulator. One of its significant parts, fiberglass rod, as its name, is made of fiberglass material and used as supporting core of silicon rubber insulator. The fiberglass rod consists of dozens of fiberglass threads which makes it enable to bear high tension load in the vertical direction. This is also why the fiberglass rod is selected as supporting the core of composite insulators, especially on tension-type insulators and suspension insulators on electrical overhead lines.

The rod of polymeric insulator has very good performance on the mechanical tensile property, while its cantilever load performance is not so optimizing as the tensile property. Even though in certain projects we use polymer insulator post type in power substation, its bending load and deflection have some problems compared with traditional ceramic post insulators. The fiberglass rod can be made into different lengths and diameter to fit different demands of insulators.

For a common silicon rubber insulator of 11,33kV, the diameter of the rod of the insulator can be 16mm, 18mm or more. While for the power substation and transmission line, the diameter of the fiberglass rod shall be bigger to enable a bigger mechanical breaking load.

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