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ZL101A ADC12 Aluminum Alloy High Pressure Die Casting Parts manufacturer,AL Squeeze Casting supplier,T6 processing Aluminum Die Casting Machine Parts/precision casting Flange Product structure is compact, non-porous, high density, consistent with aluminum profiles, high strength and light weight

Whats is "Aluminum alloy Squeeze Casting"? Processing Technology Introduce:
Aluminum alloy Liquid forging also called Squeeze casting. The principle is to fill the molten or semi-molten metal or alloy in the mold cavity, and then apply high pressure to plastically deform the solidified metal. The unsolidified metal is subjected to isostatic pressure and high-pressure solidification occurs at the same time then get the parts or blanks, T6 heat treatment can be performed to obtain high-strength, high-precision parts.

-Integrated the advantages of forging and Traditional die casting

Aluminum squeeze casting manufacturer,Integrated the advantages of forging and Traditional die casting

factory has advanced injection molding machines, die-casting machines, high-density aluminum alloy extrusion casting machines, aluminum alloy profile equipment, various tonnage presses, hydraulic presses, machining centers, precision CNC lathes, carving machines, milling machines, ultrasonic welding machines, laser Marking machines, and various auxiliary processing machinery.

China Aluminum Squeeze Casting factory/ Forging Manufacturer, custom Precision Machinery Parts Supplier
high-quality metal parts  no pores on the surface,Aluminum Squeeze Casting parts application
Product name:Aluminum casting parts manufacturer aluminum flange for planetary reducer aluminum casting flange
Material:Aluminum,aluminum alloy,stainless steel
Manufacture process:Aluminum Die casting process,CNC precision lathes process,Maching process.
Mechanical equipments:CNC precision lathes ;
Longmen machining center ,producing large or complicated parts;
Maching center equipments .
Die casting equipments:
;full automatic three-hand die casting equipments.
Shot blasting machine.
Inspection: With spectrum analyzer,three coordinate detector etc.
Producing application:1. Equipment/Machinery
2. Medical & Technological parts 
3. The automotive/ motorcycle parts
4. The telecommunication parts
5. The power tool parts 
6. Bicycle parts
7. The agricultural parts 
8. Hardware
Surface Treatment:Anodizing, zinc, chrome, nickel, silver, gold plating, polish, imitation, heat treatment etc
Capacity:Die casting: 5000 tons/year
CNC machines: 10 millions pieces.
Aluminum Die casting process,CNC precision lathes process,Maching process,Investment Casting Foundry
die-casting machining company, high-density aluminum alloy extrusion casting CNC machining manufacturer
ProcessAluminum Die casting, Squeeze casting+T6, Zinc Alloy die casting,CNC machining, Turning
EquipmentCold chamber die casting machine:200T/280T/400T/600T/800T/1100T.CNC centers, CNC turning, CNC lathes, electrical pulse, line cutting, milling, drilling, grinding
MaterialA319, A356, A360, A369, A380, A383, A384, A413, A535, 44300, 44300, 46000, AlSi9Mg, AlSi9Cu3, ADC12, ZL102, ZL104, ZL108, Zamak2,3,5,7 ect.
Squeeze Casting: A356+T6, A356.2+T6, AlSi9Mg+T6, Zl108+T6, AlTi-Alloy+T6
SurfaceTrimming, Deburring,Polishing, Shot blasting, Sand blasting,Tumbling, Powder coating, Anodizing, Chrome, Zinc, Electrophoresis, Passivation, Chemical coating.
Software AssistancePro-e/Solid work/UG/Auto CAD/CATIA
Products ApplicationAutomotive industry, Bicycle and motorcycle, Door and windows and furniture, Household  appliance, Gas meter, Power tool,LED lighting, Medical instrument parts, ect.

Aluminum Die Casting Machine Parts/precision casting components with CNC machining
Product structure is compact, non-porous, high density, consistent with aluminum profiles

T6 processing, high strength and light weight

Can replace gravity casting, reducing subsequent processes and saving production costs

Wide product range, eye-catching industries such as automobile lightweight, power facilities, entertainment and fitness facilities

Company advantage:

Owns independently developed aluminum alloy high-density casting technology

Excellent casting process can meet customers' requirements for quality and specifications of different grades of products.

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